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Here I’ve selected some tracks that show my work in different genres so you can have a quick idea of my music. But if you are looking for something in particular, please visit the music section in the main menu. There’s plenty of music there!



REC4 at Sitges!
Sitges Film Festival 2014 will be opening on Octob...
Sitges Film Festival 2014 will be opening on October 3rd with the eagerly awaited REC 4, directed by Jaume Balagueró and starring Manuela Velasco. The music for this movie was composed by Arnau Bataller. 
62 Festival de cine de San Sebastián
Next September 20th the Euskadi Symphonic Orchestr...
Next September 20th the Euskadi Symphonic Orchestra will play La Herencia Valdemar's suite, composed by Arnau Bataller, during the San Sebastian Film Festival.
New Feature: Summer Camp
Arnau will score next Filmax horror movie, Summer ...
Arnau will score next Filmax horror movie, Summer Camp.  Alberto Marini’s first feature as director, Summer Camp, will be produced by  franchise director Jaume Balaguero. Andres Velencoso, pictured, will star alongside X-Men: First ClassAlex GonzalezThe House of the Devil‘s Jocelin Donahue3‘s Diego Boneta and Zombieland‘s Maiara Walsh. They’ll star as “unsuspecting American camp counselors who confront a virus unlike any seen before.” Summer Camp will immerse the viewer on an adrenaline-charged journey by providing an innovative approach to the classical concept of teenagers lost in the woods.
Berlin Fashion Film Festival
Best Music bronze award at the 2014 Berlin Fashio...
Best Music bronze award at the 2014 Berlin Fashion Film Festival for Arnau’s music composed to Manuel Portillo Fashion Film Un largo camino. The music has been also nominated at the International Hollywood Fashion Film Awards.

Painting the picture with music!


Every project needs its unique musical colour!



” His talents clearly deserve significant success. Nonetheless, ARNAU BATALLER is surely in line for great things and is one to watch for the future. In LA HERENCIA VALDEMAR II, BATALLER has produced a score that any of the great Hollywood composers of today and yesteryear would be proud to call their own.”



“La Herencia Valdemar is fantastic, a huge, bold, orchestral and choral tour-de-force of epic proportions, which celebrates the Gothic horror genre in a way not heard since Christopher Young was…”

Jonathan Broxton

Movie Music UK

 “Wonderfully written, impeccably orchestrated and arranged and performed with precision, enthusiasm and heart. This is one of the most haunting and entertaining film scores to be released so far this year. Composer Arnau Bataller (…) has also woven together some of the most emotive and attractive thematic material that I have heard in a while”

John Mansell

Film Music Site

“Bataller definitely has a voice here and that gives it a fresh and unique feel”

Kaya Savas

Film Music Media

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